8 Tips To Help You Overcome Drug Addiction

If you are addicted to drugs but desire to quit, you may feel as though you are fighting a never-ending battle. Still, addiction recovery is possible. With persistence and support, you can commit to being sober. Here are a few tips to help you overcome your addiction to drugs:

Make an unwavering decision to quit.

The most difficult decision in your recovery process is choosing change. A part of drug dependency is emotional. List the benefits and detriments of your drug use. Then, make a separate list detailing the pros and cons of recovery. Refer back to your lists each time you are tempted to give up.

Set goals.

By setting goals, you can measure your progress. Set date goals that support a reduction in your drug use until you have quit completely. If you do not believe you can stop all use at once, set systematic decreases in your usage until you fully recover.

Talk to your loved ones.

If you have family members and friends who care about you, talk to them about your decision to quit and gain their support. 

Find alternative stress relief.

Drug use is often a coping mechanism for stress. Find alternatives, such as a hobby or an exercise program.


You can chart your process by keeping a journal. Be sure to notate the time and amount of drugs involved with every instance of drug use. Include your emotional state at the time of the use. This documentation can help you evaluate when and why you are using so that you don't fully relapse.

Get an accountability partner.

Have someone that you trust serve as an accountability partner. Meet with this individual weekly to discuss your progress, and commit to call him or her if you become tempted to take drugs. 

Join a support group.

By attending support group meetings, you can interact with other people who are recovering from addiction. During the meetings, participants can share tips and experiences that may help you in your recovery.

Consider moving out.

If your drug use is supported in your current home environment, consider moving out. Relocating to the home of a supportive loved one or to a sober living home can help provide the supportive, drug-free atmosphere your need.

Recovery from drug addiction is not an easy process. However, it is achievable. If you are struggling with a drug addiction, surround yourself with support. If friends and family members are unable to help you during your recovery process or if you don't believe you can recover in an outpatient setting, inpatient drug treatment is available. Contact a drug addiction treatment facility like Pacific Ridge today. 

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